The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the drawing has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!

Win a $100 Gift Card to!

Ended: February 27, 2018
Myphoto giftcard giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Jamie P. from CA!
  • Congratulations Jana S. from MI!
  • Congratulations Maura R. from VA!

Win a Pair of Lifestride Loma 2 Slip-on Sneakers!

Ended: February 27, 2018
Lifestride loma2 sneaker giveaway 2
  • Congratulations Vickie E. from SC!
  • Congratulations Loretta H. from CO!
  • Congratulations JUDY W. from IL!
  • Congratulations Cheri S. from IL!
  • Congratulations Lorraine C. from MA!

Win a Lagrange Premium Gaufres® Waffle Maker!

Ended: February 26, 2018
Lagrange waffle makers giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Tamera M. from OR!
  • Congratulations Patricia A. from PA!
  • Congratulations Maureen M. from NJ!

Win "The Square" on DVD!

Ended: February 25, 2018
The square dvd giveaway
  • Congratulations Richard H. from NC!
  • Congratulations Alicia R. from FL!
  • Congratulations Wendy B. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Ernest W. from NY!
  • Congratulations Anna J. from TX!
  • Congratulations Christina M. from VA!
  • Congratulations Michael W. from PA!
  • Congratulations Mark B. from IL!
  • Congratulations Leonard C. from NY!
  • Congratulations George W. from GA!

Win a Flightline Travel Tote Bag!

Ended: February 22, 2018
Flightline traveltote giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Karen G. from NY!
  • Congratulations JOSEPHINE G. from MA!
  • Congratulations Mary B. from OH!

Win a Stay for Two at the RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire!

Ended: February 22, 2018
Riverwalk resort nh giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Debbie W. from MI!

Win a Le Creuset Nonstick Braiser!

Ended: February 22, 2018
Lecreuset nonstick braiser giveaway
  • Congratulations Ms. N. from IL!
  • Congratulations jean t. from IL!
  • Congratulations Madeline F. from FL!
  • Congratulations julie m. from IA!
  • Congratulations Joanne P. from FL!

Win a Komuso Design The Shift™ Necklace in Sterling Silver!

Ended: February 21, 2018
Komuso jewelry giveaway 1
  • Congratulations melissa b. from OH!
  • Congratulations Lori B. from MO!
  • Congratulations LORENE J. from TX!

Win an AmpliFi Teleport Wi-Fi System!

Ended: February 20, 2018
Amplifi teleport wifi giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Lorie P. from SC!
  • Congratulations David R. from VA!

Win "Geostorm" on Digital!

Ended: February 20, 2018
Geostorm giveaway digital
  • Congratulations Cheryl B. from FL!
  • Congratulations Darlene W. from NY!
  • Congratulations Suzanne B. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Lynn R. from NC!
  • Congratulations michele c. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Alicia R. from FL!
  • Congratulations George W. from GA!
  • Congratulations Joan H. from MO!

Win a Jenny Craig Diet Plan & Prize Package!

Ended: February 20, 2018
Jenny craig giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Millie P. from VA!
  • Congratulations Diana L. from FL!
  • Congratulations Wanda w. from WV!
  • Congratulations Lautie B. from FL!

Win a Month of South Beach Diet Meals & Shakes!

Ended: February 20, 2018
Southbeach diet giveaway jan17 1
  • Congratulations Bonita A. from WA!
  • Congratulations Dianne H. from IA!
  • Congratulations Martine J. from IN!
  • Congratulations Linda P. from TN!
  • Congratulations Marilyn F. from SD!

Win a Gourmia FryChef Air Fryer!

Ended: February 20, 2018
Gourmia airfryer giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Eileen L. from NY!
  • Congratulations Sharon B. from TN!
  • Congratulations Barbara A. from NM!
  • Congratulations Meghan R. from VA!
  • Congratulations Aimee S. from OH!

Win a 30-Day Supply of CocoaVia® Supplement + an Oster® Master Blender!

Ended: February 19, 2018
Cocoavia blender giveaway 3
  • Congratulations Laverne J. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Nancy B. from NH!
  • Congratulations Laurie W. from PA!
  • Congratulations Clara w. from MO!
  • Congratulations Shaneka M. from MN!
  • Congratulations Brenda M. from IN!
  • Congratulations Jane J. from WI!
  • Congratulations Julie B. from RI!
  • Congratulations Edna H. from IA!

Win "Game of Thrones Season 7" on Blu-ray™ + the Double Vinyl Soundtrack Set!!

Ended: February 17, 2018
Gameofthrones season7 bundle bluray vinyl giveaway
  • Congratulations Gary S. from WI!
  • Congratulations Martha D. from IL!
  • Congratulations dan m. from IL!

Win a Copy of "The Super Metabolism Diet"!

Ended: February 15, 2018
Super metabolism diet book giveaway
  • Congratulations Nancy A. from IN!
  • Congratulations Tim J. from KS!
  • Congratulations Sharon T. from WI!
  • Congratulations Betty W. from TX!
  • Congratulations Denise J. from GA!

Win a Madison & Mulholland January Bedside Reading Program Gift Bag!

Ended: February 15, 2018
Mm bedside reading jan giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Virginia T. from TN!

Win "Be Cool Scooby-Doo! Teamwork Screamwork" on DVD!

Ended: February 15, 2018
Scoobydoo teamwork screamwork dvd giveaway
  • Congratulations Kenneth J. from MO!
  • Congratulations robin s. from OR!
  • Congratulations Tyra G. from WI!
  • Congratulations Kathryn from MI!
  • Congratulations Nancy H. from DE!
  • Congratulations Donna S. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Kristine H. from OH!
  • Congratulations Rebecca S. from SC!
  • Congratulations Laura a. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Sharon S. from NM!

Win Tickets to the NEW NFL Experience Times Square & NFL Swag!

Ended: February 15, 2018
Nflexperience promotion giveaway 2
  • Congratulations Joseph C. from FL!
  • Congratulations Allison Z. from CT!
  • Congratulations Larry M. from NV!
  • Congratulations Kevin K. from NJ!

Win a New Year's Swag Bag from Backstage Creations!

Ended: February 15, 2018
Nye swag bag giveaway 2
  • Congratulations Theresa T. from MA!
  • Congratulations Friederike B. from NY!
  • Congratulations Patsy M. from TX!